Decorations are not just a thing to make a space pretty or just for enhancement to make friends come and compliment your home but it’s also a way to express oneself and save some displayed memories it can be either from pictures we have taken in the past where we have been, and who was with us at that moment what brought us to that location we always dreamed of and put on our bucket list.

My mom and I had a house in Mexico and we would go and remodel the bathroom every weekend, I wanted this space as not only to relax on really worn out days of work but I wanted a space of quality time with myself. Wanted a color that would make me feel relaxed and have a touch of glam to it. I decorated this bathroom with colors of aqua blue and crystal clear marbles of walls around the bathtub walls surrounding it with candles and bathroom scents of the ocean.

I’ve always said it placed me and made me feel welcomed every time I would spend it on the bathtub full of nice color giving it a positive vibe. My thoughts of dreaming and brainstorming ideas for my path in life where enclosed written in between the bathroom walls helping me keep up with working hard and understanding the perspective of growing up as a young adult. I felt like home for once in my life, every time I would get back there it was so important to me because it felt like this space understood the way I felt and made my environment a lot peaceful and connection to who I really was.