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The time to model literate behavior is in early childhood and this is where our Read-Aloud and Book Giveaway programs take place—preschool and K-6th grade.

For over fifteen years, our Read-Aloud program has motivated children to develop a passion for reading and literature. Hundreds of dedicated volunteers each devote time every week reading to the same classroom(s) of children during the school year. (Although it is less common, some readers hold sessions in Head Start centers, homeless shelters and public libraries.) These sessions stimulate a child's imagination and promote early literacy skills. By listening, watching, and asking questions, children add to their vocabulary and increase their comprehension. Reading aloud also conditions the brain to associate reading with pleasure.

“It is a wonderful program . . . The student gets to hear a different read-aloud voice besides mine. Thank you!!” - A Third-Grade Teacher in San Diego

Books are crucial to a child's later success. Without a print-rich environment, both in school and at home, a child's reading achievement flounders. To seed their home library, twice yearly the children in our program receive a new, high-quality hardcover book inscribed by their Rolling Reader. For many children, these books are the first they have ever had to keep and call their own. Our Book Giveaway events are central to the program, encouraging children to read and share stories outside the classroom with their siblings, parents and friends. Rolling Readers has distributed more than 200,000 books to date.

Book Giveaway events encourage children to read and share stories outside the classroom.
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